The My Bike Project x Nutcase

The My Bike Project x Nutcase

The My Bike Project x Nutcase

In September 2011, Pip Carroll from The Squeaky Wheel contacted us about a new initiative with the North Melbourne Football Club called the My Bike Project.

The project was established to deliver a bike education program for refugee and migrant teenagers from the North Melbourne area, in partnership with a facility run by the club called The Huddle.

The team at Nutcase in Sydney couldn't think of a better way to get more people on bikes, and more importantly a great way for kids and teens to gain bike and safety skills. 

Bicycle maintenance, riding and road skills for children are not being taught in any official capacity in many schools. Neighbourhoods which are safe for riders and road-users consist of drivers and riders that know the rules and understand how to share limited road spaces and lanes. Teaching kids rules and common courtesies such as single-file lane riding and using hand signals for turning give them a good start for safe riding and visibility on our streets.

Best of all, the exhilarating freedom and fun that comes from riding a bike is something all kids should have access to and the inaugural My Bike project has succeeded in providing that for a group of 14-16 year olds.

The program is funded by the TAC, and sponsorships for donation of goods from Nutcase Helmets and Knog ensured the participants had the gear to get started. The bikes came from Victorian Police and the City of Melbourne also contributed.

We're proud to support this project and hope it continues. Enjoy this short film!


  • Great test ride today! It was quite pleasant rolilng past places I’ve never really gotten to go before. A few things, though.Positives: -There were a lot of good straight roads with multiple lanes, leaving plenty of room for our group.-Lots of good food on the way back!-This section of the area seems less explored by bike party. Nice to get out every now and then Not-so-positives:-The hilly sections I see being tough forBike Partiers. A bunch of you guys (with a few exceptions) seemed to be experienced riders with big calves on road bikes. A good portion of the night riders consists of kids on bmx bikes, cruiser people, fixie-types, car-people-who-ride-once-every-five-years, trailer-towers, and first-timers. Don’t want to lose anybody, split the group, or scare anyone off. That’s all I got! Best Saturday I’ve had in a while.

    donny on

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