Axis of Epic: Electric Bike Channel

Axis of Epic: Electric Bike Channel

Axis of Epic: Electric Bike Channel

This month we're sponsoring a small but enthusiastic group of electric bike riders with their own burgeoning You Tube Channel: Axis of Epic.

They aim to ride just about every electric bike available in Melbourne, then Australia, and hopefully the world....and they'll be encouraging others to do the same.  We can't think of a better bunch of passionate test riders for the electric bike movement and they know how to get a bit of style happening on those bikes too.

Check out Gordon in this video...

They've recently added a whole bunch of great videos, so why not subscribe to the Axis of Epic You Tube Channel here and you can stay abreast of their rides via their Facebook page

Here at Eureka Brands, distributors of Nutcase Helmets in Australia, we are proud to support groups and causes that further the take-up of bicycle riding and fun outdoor activity in general, as well as address a particular need.

In 2015, our support of programs coordinated by The Squeaky Wheel, will enter its 4th year. We are proud to be helping out with the equipment needed for these bicycle programs which help refugee, migrant and the disadvantaged discover the joys of riding a bike, while building their skills in bike maintenance and road safety. Over the years, we've supported their My Bike Huddle project, the Good Wheel Huddle project, the Good Wheel Spokeswomen project and the Good Wheel St Josephs project.

And our continuing support for a number of Roller Derby Teams will also see more nutty fun being had. These groups are largely volunteer-run, teams coordinate themselves and raise money for uniforms and bouts. More often than not, they're vital community connections for women and help people get active, meet new friends and have fun without (hopefully) breaking a nose.

We're also having fun tracking the successes, trials and tribulations of young members of the Victorian Aerial Ski team who train each year in the United States and Australia using both Nutcase Snow and Nutcase Water helmets (for summer ramp training). We wish them all luck this year!

Plus, take a look at Nutcase's interview with Gordon Watt from Axis of Epic: He's taking stylish e-biking to the world thanks to Nutcase and a knack for fashion!


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