Happy 10th Birthday Nutcase!

Happy 10th Birthday Nutcase!

Happy 10th Birthday Nutcase!

Back in 2006, former Nike creative director Michael Morrow brought Nutcase Helmets to life in Portland, Oregon - arguably one of the world's sports design capitals. Like many start-ups, Nutcase beginnings were modest and have since grown.

In a couple of short years, the Nutcase revolution had taken hold in over 3o countries. People wanted great looking helmets, after years of being stuck with bad designs and poor fitting helmets for bicycle, skate and other sports.

Following early success in the USA and Canada, European distribution began in 2007 and in 2008, Nutcase was brought to Australia by Eureka Brands. We're proud to be part of this great, nutty journey.

Hearing from our customers and stores and the  positive impact Nutcase has had on their own lives, is a big bonus.

By 2010, Nutcase could be found further afield in South East Asia,  South America and Eastern Europe. As Nutcase celebrates 10 years in 2016, it welcomes new partners in countries such as the UAE and will announce 4 new ranges to accompany Baby Nutty, Little Nutty, Street and Metroride in 2017.

Stay tuned for more great news on our 2017 releases!




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