Look like a champion in Nutcase Snow gear

Look like a champion in Nutcase Snow gear

Look like a champion in Nutcase Snow gear

Winter is here in full force and although Australia doesn't have a long ski season, "a trip to the Snow" is certainly part of a lot of childhood memories. With good proximity from the cities of Sydney and Melbourne, our snow fields offer a great introduction and some nice snow for a weekend away. While most ski gear can be hired for a short trip, avid skiers and snowboarders looking to return over the years will benefit from their own helmet rather than a rented one for hygiene and comfort reasons.

And you can do that in style! Our Nutcase Snow range is worn by notable Olympians such as World #2 Aerial Freestyle skier Danielle Scott, and Aerial Skiier Samantha Wells. The Victorian Institute of Sport's development team of freestyle aerial skiers also uses Nutcase Helmets.

And we always enjoy hearing from our Olympians and Olympians-to-be so here's a news update from Sam Wells, who sports a range of our Nutcase Helmets for both training and competition.

After an amazing experience at the Sochi Olympic Games in 2014, Sam experienced an injury and is now back from recovery. While we're saying "ouch" just at the very idea of it, Sam and the Aerial Ski Team are cracking on! She also talks about hopes for the newly announced water ramp facilities in Australia, which will hopefully see many of our sports men and women training more often at home. Currently summer water training takes place in the USA:

"Since our pre-season ramp camp in Lilydale, I've been in the gym hitting the weights and prepping for a big summer here in Utah. I'm nearing the end of my first camp for the summer on the water ramps here, and am stoked to hear the announcement of the OWIA Water-ramp Facility planned for Lennox Head, NSW!

I can't even imagine water ramping in my own country - I've been travelling overseas each year to water-ramp for almost a decade! It really will shape the future of Aussie freestyle skiing!

This camp I have really been focusing on the technicalities of my jumps... ironing out my takeoff position and finding precision in my twisting technique. I have done a bunch of doubles as well, and the work I have done on the single is carrying over to the more difficult jump which is fantastic!I'm looking forward to the upcoming recovery period to prep for Camp 2 and am keen to push up the degree of difficulty in my practice."

Good luck on your amazing progress Sam, and good luck to all who are currently in training! 


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