Helmet Care


Here are some handy pointers for how to look after your helmet:
  • Avoid commercial or domestic cleaning products on your helmet. Rinse the helmet in clean water and use a small amount of PH neutral soap/detergent only. 

  • Dry off or leave to dry away from direct heat or sun.

  • Always store helmets in a dry, cool, dark and chemically-neutral place. Avoid UV rays, sharp corners, sources of humidity. heat or corrosive substances. Do not store when wet.

  • Avoid leaving outside even if your shed, deck, car port is covered. Do not leave inside cars, boats or other vehicles as warm temperatures are concentrated in these areas. 

Every Nutcase Helmet also comes complete with a manual outlining the best way to store and maintain your helmet when not in use. If you've lost your copy, here it is below.

(Click image for the PDF)

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