Although it’s rare, sometimes things don’t go to plan. We want you to have a happy Nutcase experience.

For helmets: Nutcase Helmets warranty from manufacturer’s defects (in materials or workmanship) runs for a maximum of one (1) year from the date of purchase in Australia.

This is based on the fault occurring within 1 year, and being reported within 1 year or less to the retailer you purchased from.

Please note: Our Spin Dial Adjusters are replaceable parts.

For all other items: Our warranty from manufacturer’s defects (in materials or workmanship) runs for a maximum of 6 months from the date of purchase in Australia.


What to do if you have a faulty item

  1. If you notice a manufacturing fault and the problem is not in the above list, under Australian consumer law, you should report it to the retailer you purchased it from right away. Ideally you should present your receipt so that the date of purchase is established and wear and tear can be eliminated as a possible cause.
  2. Typically, actual manufacturing faults should be evident right away or detected within 7 days out of the box, or within 30 days of wear but it may occur later.
  3. If you purchased from a Dealer store, they will provide your replacement helmet or arrange spare parts.
  4. If your Helmet Spin Dial Adjustment System has malfunctioned, they are designed to pop out of the helmet and be replaced. Visit the store you purchased from for the spare part. If your Dial system has malfunctioned after the warranty period, you can buy a replacement here
If you purchased from this site and have a warranty concern:
  • Send an email stating the problem and sending a photo. We are unable to confirm or issue refunds/exchanges by telephone.
  • We will let you know if the item needs to be returned for repair or replacement and provide instructions for next steps.

We're happy to repair or replace any product determined to be defective. 

We will reimburse return freight and replacement freight costs for faulty items. For all other exchanges/returns, customer is responsible for difference in price between the models exchanged and return freight.

If you ordered from our site, and the Spin Dial Fit System at the rear has stopped working within the first 12 months, we will send you the replacement dial system to pop in, just contact us

What is a manufacturing fault?

While rare, a typical manufacturers fault would be noticed when the helmet is brand new and shows signs of a problem with the strap, buckle, spin dial or visor even though it has never been used. This warranty does not cover improper use, abuse, neglect, wear and tear, exposure to heat or commercial cleaning substances. Examples of improper use, abuse, neglect, wear and tear in the context of helmet use include:

  • Dropping of helmets
  • Scratching on pavements/bikes/bags/baskets
  • Marks and scratches made by hand/sharp implements/stickers/markers or modifications made after purchase
  • Application of solvents and commercial cleaners, wipes or anything containing thinners, or alcohol
  • Immersion in any fluid (unless you are immersing a Water helmet in water)
  • Abuse or misuse of helmets including parts such as visors, adjustable spin dials and buckles
  • Loss of attachments such as visors (Lost, damaged or out-of-warranty replacement parts can be purchased online)
  • Any other accident that might occur in daily use.

When making modifications to your helmet, please be aware this warranty is made void by modifications.

Store helmets in a cool dry place, refer to the manual in your box for cleaning instructions. Do not apply commercial cleaners or solvents to the surface.

Out of Warranty?

Your helmet may need spare parts but is out of warranty. Helmets are still perfectly good to use in most cases for about 3 years, before needing replacement.

If you need a spare part and your helmet is out of warranty – take a look at the parts available for purchase 

Nutcase Helmets and its distributor Eureka Australia Pty Ltd shall not be liable for any incidental or consequential damages.

WARNING: Participating in extreme sports can be very hazardous. Participation involves numerous risks of injury and death. Adverse terrain conditions, poorly maintained or worn equipment, and the use of alcohol or drugs can increase these risks. Always use common sense when participating in extreme sport activities.

To minimise the chance of injury, stay within your abilities and wear appropriate safety equipment correctly at all times. If in doubt, don’t risk it. Stay within your abilities and remain healthy so you can ride another day.

Release and Waiver of Claims Agreement: In regards to use of any Nutcase Helmet Products, I, the purchaser of and the User of Nutcase Helmets Products (collectively referred to as “You”) represent that one or both of You are over the age of eighteen (18), and that You have read and understood the entire WARNING and will act accordingly. Further, You hereby agree to the fullest extent permitted by law as follows: (1) You acknowledge and represent that Nutcase Helmets have specific certifications for specific helmets and their correct use and it is not implied or expressly warranted to protect You from any degree of contact or impact; (2) You acknowledge that sports involve certain risks, dangers and hazards which can result in serious personal injury and death, as such, You hereby freely agree to assume and accept any and all known risk of injury; (3) You waive any and all claims that You might have or may have in the future against Nutcase Helmets, its associates, distributors and affiliates (collectively referred to as “Nutcase”); (4) You release Nutcase from any and all liability for any loss, damage, injury, or expense that You may suffer, or that your next of kin may suffer, as a result of using any of the Nutcase Helmets Products due to any cause whatsoever, including negligence, and/or a breach of contract regarding the manufacture, installation, performance, use, or adjustment of any Nutcase Products. In the event that any provision of this Release is determined to be invalid, unenforceable or unlawful, such invalidity, unenforceability or unlawfulness shall not affect any other provisions of this Release, and the Release shall be construed as if the challenged provision had never been contained herein.