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Nutcase Helmets Warranty

Although it's rare, sometimes things don't go to plan. We want you to have a happy Nutcase experience. If you notice a fault, please report it to the store you purchased it from right away. Under consumer law, you are required to present it to the store where you purchased it, ideally with your receipt.

We are unable to process warranty claims directly unless you have purchased directly from this site.

A guide, typical manufacturing faults should be detected within 7 days out of the box, or within 30 days of wear.

Nutcase Helmets warranty from manufacturer's defects (in materials or workmanship) runs for a maximum of one (1) year from the date of purchase. 

This warranty does not cover improper use, abuse, neglect, wear and tear. Examples of improper use, abuse, neglect, wear and tear in the context of helmet use include:

- dropping of helmets

- scratching on pavements/bikes/bags/baskets

- marks and scratches made by hand/sharp implements/stickers/markers or modifications made after purchase

- application of solvents and commercial cleaners

- immersion in any fluid (unless you are immersing a Water helmet in water)

- any other accident.

Movable parts such as the Nutcase Spin Dial or buckle parts can be easily replaced.

Any product determined by Nutcase to be defective will be repaired or replaced. If you are dealing with a store, they will provide your replacement helmet or arrange spare parts.

When making modifications to your helmet, please be aware this warranty is made void by modifications.

Store helmets in a cool dry place, refer to the manual in your box for cleaning instructions. Do not apply commercial cleaners or solvents to the sure


Nutcase Helmets and its distributor Eureka Brands shall not be liable for any incidental or consequential damages. 

WARNING: READ THIS...Participating in extreme sports can be very hazardous. Participation involves numerous risks of injury and death. Adverse terrain conditions, poorly maintained or worn equipment, and the use of alcohol or drugs can increase these risks. Always use common sense when participating in extreme sport activities.

To minimize the chance of injury, stay within your abilities and wear appropriate safety equipment AT ALL TIMES. If in doubt, don't risk it. Stay within your abilities and remain healthy so you can ride another day.

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